In-House Shop Repairs

Mechanical And Electrical Repair & Maintenance Services That Exceeds All Expectations

Best Repair Company, Inc. is the leading mechanical and electrical repair service company since 1958. Our fully equipped machine shop, range of specialist equipment, design capabilities, and highly skilled staff helps us to get the work done efficiently.

Our team of technicians, machine operators, and engineers works with a client-centric approach to provide a superior customer experience. We work dedicatedly to solve complex equipment problems and meet the project timelines. Thus, with our in-house team, resources, and capabilities, we deliver streamlined workflows.

The Best Repair Company, Inc. Advantage

  • Minimal impact on operations
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Master Tradesman License
  • Tailored solutions for every project
  • Experienced and certified technicians
  • Accelerated timelines
  • ABS Certified Warranty Repair Facility

Rewind and Machine Shop

Specializing in electrical equipment repair, our facilities are designed to cover all mechanical and electrical repair woes, including reverse engineering for obsolete parts.

At our generator repair shop, our expert technicians are equipped to handle everything from generator slip ring repairs to AC DC motor repairs, ensuring your equipment operates at its best.

On the whole, Our in-house electrical services cover a comprehensive range of troubleshooting, repair, rehab, and installation solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs efficiently. Our In-house Shop Repair services include:

  • Rewinding, Repairs & Overhauls of
    • AC Electric Motor up to 5000 HP @ 4160VAC
    • AC Electric Generator up to 5MW @ 4160 VAC
  • Rewinding, Repairs & Overhauls of
    • DC Electric Motor up to 5000 HP @ 1000VDC
    • DC Electric Generator up to 3MW @ 1000VDC
  • Electric Motor AC & DC Dyno testing up to 250HP with computerized reports.
  • Pump Repairs and Overhauls including Split Case Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Vertical Turbine Pumps from single stage to multistage and Centrifugal pumps.
  • Fan Repairs and Overhauls including Axial Vent Fans and Squirrel Cage Fans.
  • Centrifugal Blower Repairs and Overhauls including from single stage to multistage types.
  • Shaft repairs and fabrication for all types of rotating equipment from simple to complex designs.
  • External and internal keyway cutting installation for all types of shafts and couplings.
  • Dynamic and Static Computer Balancing for rotating equipment up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Motor and Generator Slip Ring repairs, refurbishments, and new fabrications as needed.
  • Iron core lamination rebuilding.

Generator repair shop also offers preventive maintenance and emergency repair services. If you’re facing any form of issue with industrial or marine equipment, get in touch with our expert today!