On-Site Field Services

Offering A Comprehensive Range Of Electrical and Mechanical On-Site Field Services

Best Repair Company, Inc. provides mechanical as well as electrical repair services to various industries. We have certified and trained technicians who can resolve the most complex mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and pump station issues in no time. Further, we provide fast and efficient services to ensure that your equipment/machine is always operating at its best levels. When a situation needs our on-site attention, our team of experts is just a call away.

Mechanical Services

  • On-site mechanical services, including rigging and disassembly for all types of rotating equipment, tailored to meet your immediate needs.
  • Preventative maintenance of all types of rotating equipment.
  • Pump rebuilding and repairs if needed onsite such as split case style pumps.
  • Laser shaft and belt alignments and machining shaft repairs.
  • Vibration analysis with computerized reports.
  • Survey and full diagnostic studies to find cause and failure to complete repairs.
  • Design, engineering, and new equipment installations for all the above services.

Electrical Services

  • Our electrical field services team provides top-tier electrical repair solutions like new electrical installations, retrofits, and repair services for switchgear, panels, transformers, disconnect, AC to DC variable speed drives, and motor control centers.
  • It also includes repairing variable frequency drives, generators, automatic transfer switches, motor control automation systems, conduit raceways, cable trough raceways, and more.
  • Electrical field services also include electrical installations, retrofits, and repair services for Marine AC Generator paralleling switchgear & controls and engine alarm systems & operation.
  • AC & DC Electric Generator and Electric Motor diagnostic studies to find cause and failure to complete repairs.
  • Preventative Maintenance and electrical testing for all types of equipment.
  • Design and engineering for the above services.


  • Specialized HVAC mechanical services, including new installations, retrofits, and repairs for the Commercial, Industrial, and Marine sectors, backed by our commitment to excellence.
  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts.
  • Design and engineering for the above services.

Pump Station and Wet Well Rehabilitation

  • Selective demolition of structural and non-structural components including concrete saw cutting and core drilling.
  • Installation of cast-in-place concrete structures, precast concrete structures, at grade concrete equipment pads, walkways, and driveways.
  • Installation of pump station above and below-grade structure construction, modifications, and rehabilitation.
  • Installation of leak stopping, wet well coatings, and concrete restoration.
  • Pipe installation, pipe design, and pipe layout modifications that are not limited to ductile iron, PVC, HDPE, stainless, copper, and other various piping materials.
  • Removal and installation of aluminum, stainless, and FRP vertical ladders, inclined ladders, spiral staircases, handrails, platforms, structural members, beams, gratings, bar screens, and other miscellaneous metals.
  • Removal and installation of various pump types including but not limited to the submersible, dry pit submersibles, centrifugal, CoinJoin,shaft driven, suction lift, and vacuum pump stations.
  • Installation of standby emergency generators, transfer switches, and electric and hydraulically driven influent grinders.
  • Installation of permanent mounted emergency bypass pump systems and temporary bypass pumping operations.
  • Excavation services for buried gravity, suction, and force main piping and valves and installation of basins, wells, and vaults.
  • Design and engineering for the above services.